10 Questions to Ask Your Wedding Photographer

Hiring a wedding photographer is such an important part of your wedding planning. It’s ideal for you to strike up a great relationship with your photographer, after all , he or she will be spending a big part of your wedding day with you.


1. What type of photography is your specialty?

Whether you want traditional portraiture and posed photos, a fashion look or a photojournalistic style, make sure the photographer you choose specializes in that type of photography.

2. Can I see photos of a wedding you’ve shot from start to finish?

Many photographers display a collection of “best of ” images, which conveys only that they can get a few good shots. Seeing at least 25 or more photos from a single wedding will provide a sense of the photographer’s capac- ity to create a meaningful visual narrative of your big day.

3. Has your work been published?

Examples of published photographs for outlets such as magazines, catalogs or books demonstrate that discern- ing publications have held the photographer’s work in high enough regard to publish it. For you, that means you’re likely to get quality work.

4. What is your pricing structure?
Before you start meeting with photographers, do your research to get a baseline for pricing versus quality. When it comes to photography, you get what you pay for. Looking at enough portfolios in different price rang- es will give you an idea of the quality you can expect.

5. Can you provide me with references?
Calling past clients, vendors or industry professionals who have worked with the photographer is the best way to gauge whether the individual is authentic

6. Are you comfortable with a shot list?
Some photographers don’t like working with a prede- termined shot list since it may constrain them from what they do best. If shot lists are important to you, make sure you hire someone who’ll honor your wishes.

7. How is my chemistry with this photographer?
In the end, it may not be the questions you ask the pho- tographer that prove most critical, but the chemistry you feel with him or her. If you are not comfortable or something feels off, then it will surely be the same on your wedding day.

8. What do you actually deliver?

Find out what the package includes (e.g., album, re- prints, an engagement session) and when you can expect to receive proofs. Understanding these nuances will create a clear picture of what you’ll be getting from the photographer so there are no surprises.

9. What is your refund policy?
The contract should include a refund policy in case your wedding does not take place or if for some reason the photographer cannot render his services. Have him state in writing that he’ll provide equal or better coverage by a third party if he’s not able to complete the job.

10. Who has ownership of the images?
Many photographers won’t give the negatives or discs back to you or may require a fee to do so. Negotiate this upfront and include these terms in the contract. Owning your images could save you money on reprints later on

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