Styling your own wedding hair? – This fishtail bun couldn’t be any easier

Here’s a super lovely wedding hair tutorial we found on Pinterest…its really easy and simple.


1) It looks like you want to start with some texture in your hair so go ahead and use some product and curl it up a little. You might want to back comb and tease it up some at the crown and in the back to add some more volume there, too. Then do a fishtail braid. This one is done to the side but it could also be done in the middle.


2) Then pull the braid so it loose and wide.


3)Twist it into a bun and secure with pins.


For more instructions and images:

4 Top Tips from Professional Wedding Hairdresser Leonora Ribeiro

1) Get your colour professonally done about a week before the special day by somebody who you trust and knows how your hair will be styled on the day.


2) Give plenty of time on the day for hair and make up for everyone in the wedding party. Make up artists and stylists work better when they are not under pressure.


3) Have as many trials as you wish and start the process about six months before the big day to determine and style and colour that will suit you for the special day.


4) After all the effort you put in to your hair do not neglet it afterwards. Invest in some professional shampoos and conditioning treatments to keep your hair healthy and pampered for as long as possible on your honeymoon!


Leonora Ribeiro –  Foundation Hairdressers